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Shocker for certain. System X is junk.

Gold to black Joy Division Angel A4 Fly, Lazer Eyez, Yellow Reloader B, 04 MacDev Conquest, CP 2 Piece, CP Grip Reg, Evolve Lite Kit, Master Tech Valve, Master Tech Trigger, Custom Yellow Breech Knob - Pic
Blue Karta AutoMag, X-valve, Lv 10, ULT kit, Intelliframe, 03 stickies, Freak Kit, Reloader B, Rogue Strangler neck, gas through LCD Mini-Reg, CP rail, CP On/Off, Nitroduck X-Stream - Pic
WDP Black Dust Angel Speed, WS Backplate, Soft Face bolt, Cobra Fang Trigger, Master Tech Volumizer, Force Snatch Grip, Adrenaline Breech Knob, Ultralite, Halo B, 02 MacDev Conquest - Pic
Blue/Black Acid Freeflow Boxxer cocker, Nexus Ram, Eclipse QEVs, Belsales Hollowpoint, WGP Tickler, Freeflow Valve, WGP Hinge Frame, Shocktech Beaver Tail, CP Grip Reg, CP 2 Piece, Reloader B, Centerflag Hyperflow 201 - Pic - FOR SALE!

DBMArmy"Da Budget Men"
NWDP - We Are Cooler Than YouN

What a good laugh this is!

Originally posted by Tipp98WhisperEx
Jeez, Rob didn't even let the poor kid take his barrel plug out.
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