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Everlight389 get your facts straight the NME is $900, show me a NEW Timmy thats close to that price with the up's that the NME has.
The Alias timmy, for about 200$ more, comes with better service, better milling, a better barrel, a better trigger/frame, a better reg, a better board, better quality annodizing, and an LPR without external hosing.

The Shocker will needed to be upgraded to, you aint going to shoot fast with the stock board. Also Vison..yaaayyy, one eye.
As much as I hate them, shockers arent that bad with a dynasty board. The vision board is 20bps which is well over what most people pull (yeah, some people brag 25+bps, but its in two or three shot bursts, not actually shooting that fast)... The vision eye is great for reflectives; after 12 cases with my vision board in my impulse, I have 0 chops. And, to correct you, there is no eye system in existance with two eyes. Breakbeams only use one eye. The other one just emits a beam of light. Yeah, I got a bit too technical, but breakbeams are better.

The NME rips straight out of the box. People like robdamanii will always slam it because he's too cool to shot a System X gun.
I've shot a system X cocker (which, as the owner said, came broken and he put 80$ into fixing it since system X doesnt have good customer servive) and it was terrible. I'm expecting the same from the NME. The only thing decent thing in it is the board, which they dont make.

P.S my teamates Shocker hasn't worked right since the day he got it.
He's buying his friend's shocker. He'd know if it worked or not
Originally posted by speedy2k4
i've never heard of an STD LPR. is it just a regular smartparts lpr with herpes?
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