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AKA SCMII - Never aired up, brand new $70
Sonic LPR - Polished, Milled Adj. Slot
MacDev ASA - High-Flow nut, Gauge
Angel Minireg - Blue, LP shim mod
ICD Wiring Harness - 25mg Switch, White LED
Chaos 2K4 Board
OTB Vert Frame - Black, Internal weight milling, Angel GelGrips White
JJ Edge Kit-
14" Blue Tip/Chrome Backs ICD
14" Black Tip/Black Backs Cocker
Bullet Drop with ASA
Lady Drop
Valve/Cupseal $15
Bolt/Pin $10
LCD Board $15
XMill Body/Feedneck (prolly wont hold air, but good for attempting milling patterns) $25
Noid Block/Manifold $10
Or all "Stock" Parts for $50

Zenitram Venom Bushmaster
Contour milled body
Polished Bore
Zenitram 15 degree ASA
Zenitram high flow valve
Zenitram bolt
Zenitram 45 Grip
Dye sticky grips
Micro rock reg. with custom hoseless adapter
TechPro Board (like Chaos)
Larger high pressure chamber
PDS Standard
Autococker Threads

note Zeni comes with DYE gauge and no Empire Bracket

More Pics coming...
PM grubby
AIM jgrubs689

for trading i am specifically interested in FREESTYLES
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