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Re: *Ahem* Which gun should I get?

Originally posted by Ebonclaw
Alright, you guys with any intelligence are familiar with the style of writing that Swift used to write "A Modest Proposal." If yu're not, then you're probably one of the offenders. That being said:

Which gun should I get? I'm looking at something like either a Blade or a Dark IR3. I play speedball, but I also play in the woods, as well as scenario games. I want the very best, but I want it cheap. Let me know which website has it the cheapest since I apparently can't look it up for myself. Also, if you can give me the good points and bad points of every marker ever made, since I don't trust the reviews, as I have no sense of discretion to figure out which ones are valuable.
I want something I never have to take apart, but something fun to tinnker with, like an autococker. I need fully automatic modes, as well as a tournament board, but I don't want an electro. But I do want an electro if it feels right, nevermind that you have no idea of my definition of "feels right."
As long as you're at it, go ahead and give me a review of the website that I should buy from, and any freinds/relatives/ deceased descendants/ mother's cousin's friend's husband's cousin's former roomate's opinions.
Finally, I need to know which reg I should get, or if I should try and run Co2, and if so, which size tank, which reg and is it good on HPA and Co2, should I use a drop, which kind should I get, which revvy, and of course, I'm having trouble deciding between a boomstick or a FREAK, though I haven't eliminated the possibility of lower cost barrels. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.
Oh, and by the way, if you're going to reccomend a gun, I need to know what basic maintenence procedures are involved, and if it's a complex gun. If so, I need to know each and every part. please post pics.

Thanks guys.
Get a slingshot w/ elbow grease cocking system, and left foot drop forward. Be sure to screem like Tarzan befor every shot, and wear lots of camo.
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