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Re: Front Player

[quote]Originally posted by w3y

Here's something i saw Aftershock do. When one person moved up, the players behind them would rotate. lemem try to illustrate:




Let's asuume that A,B,C are all bunkers w/ players behind them. When A moves to another bunk up field, B would take position A and C would take position B. This rotation would happen simultaneously after A was empty. This constant movement and sinchrounous movement was just amazing to watch and is difficult to stop.

Wow, i'd never thought of using something as confusing as that, It would almost create an illusion that they're players are multiplying. Cuase most of the time they focus ont he front player(MOST). And if the players take the spot of the last person, it makes them think that a new player is at that bunker closer to them, "but how? no one moved" they'd think. Man, Nice call their w3y
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