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Here are a few for consideration.

1. Clamshell
2. Egg
3. Macroline
4. Vert-feed
5. CPS
6. sweet spotting - (This was posted by Toothpastedog over in the Impulse forum)-Sweet Spotting the trigger: finding a position on the trigger pull where the gun fire full auto.
- Sweet Spotting the Gun/Reg(s): finding the optimum spring combo/weight and pressure to get your gun to function at its peak of performance.
- Sweet Spotting the Field: finding/getting to the best bunker you could possibly be in to rule the field.
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Wow. That's a smackdown so fierce even I felt it. You make me proud Eladamri.
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wow. just, wow. eladamri, why do all the n00bs think you suck when you clearly know so much more than them?
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