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Send a message via AIM to Vaypourus was me and Jaster back in nam....

I meant to say.

It was a pretty hot day. I had just bought my first car; it was a 1969 Dodge Challenger R/T with the 426 in it. I had to special order it from the factory, cause they didn't have one in Plum Crazy Purple on the showroom.

So I am cruising down the street, and I see Jaster hitchin a ride! I stop, and he hops in and says "hey man....nice car! I've got a Cream 8 track in my duffle bag. Are you cool?"

I replied "yeah, I'm no square"

After about two hours of cruising, Jaster tells me that there is this giant concert on this farm in upstate NY. It was a bit of a drive from Vegas, but I was up for it.

4 days later we are stuck in traffic trying to get into this 3 day festival. I run out of gas right on the highway, and Jaster says "I'm outta here!"

I never saw him again.

As it turns out, Jaster wanders through NY for a few years before settling down in Binghampton NY, where he made his fortune selling ink refills for expensive pens.

the end.
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