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Originally posted by Jaster
laugh: THAT WAS YOU!!! :shock: I went back with a gascan but you were gone....

If the rap wasn't so long I'd quote that ...hahaha

and a chick. "Old serial killer looking guy" I'm told...

ok Story time. This one is all Lopez's fault. I will say he didn't intend for this (and really has more do do with the creative mind of a 7 year old but shhh....blaming Lopez is more fun)

So we all know I was in a crash with some dip.... racer. Well during my recovery, I get this card in the mail. It's a get well from good ol' Lopez. What a guy! So it's a pic of a metal bedpan from a hospital "Hear you're feeling under the weather.....(open card).... don't worry it will all pan out"
haha....hardy har har. Seriously a good laugh when overly medicated. I laughed for almost 15 minutes.... So my boy see's the card and asks what the pic is of. So I tell him... I get the look. So I explain the point of one and what they were used for. I again get the look. Then went into why someone would need one and finally got the look. Didn't think too much of it after that. Well it so happens that the next night he managed to over stuff himself while eating out with Grammy and his 4 scoop icecream sunday put him over the top and he got sick. No biggie, it happens. Well his belly was pretty upset the next day and he was pretty tired so I let him stay home (I had to call into work and stay home and play video games....bummer...) so the day goes fine and he's in bed for the night and has been for about an hour and he's due for his "bathroom, can I have a drink and hud and this and that" run before he really goes to sleep. I hear this odd sound coming from upstairs...sound like running water into something metal because it's echoing. I go up stairs and there is my boy in all his glory and boyhood pissing off the top bunk of his bunkbed into his trash barrel on the floor...."look dad! a bed pan 'cause I'm sick!" He's got pretty good aim for a 7 year old. Thank God....
So I RE-explained things...and he washed the barrel out and went back to bed. I went down stairs and took a pain killer.... He's lucky I was medicated or he probably would have really needed one of those.

So not only was your card funny Lopez, it was educational too!

It was cool to get the card though! Thanks again bro! I'll be sending your kids a drum set someday.

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