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While it is possible to play as a "sniper" (for semantics, what he described at the beginning of the thread), I think you'll find this type of play isn't conducive to good play. Even in woodsball.

Snipers are too conservative and they wait for a sure kill. Patience is not a virtue in this game. If I am playing woodsball and I see a target I may be able to hit 30% of the time, I'll fire off a burst and hope for the best. If that gives away my position, I can always move.

Paintball is a team sport. If I take out 4 people but end up "dead" myself, I've done a good job. You don't get any points for survival -- for being alive at the end of a match.

I also feel it's better to outmanuever or outspeed the enemy rather than to hide. A good player uses his surroundings, but he uses them primarily to block enemy fire and provide cover, not to stay hidden.

In all my experience, the teams that win are the ones that work together and utilize sound judgment before and during the match.
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