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Exclamation the final cocker vs. cocker/cocker vs. gun X thread


there have been buttloads of "this or that?" threads around here and it's getting on my nerves, as it is probably also bugging the other people that have to deal with them. so, from this point forward, there will be NO cocker vs. cocker or cocker vs. any other gun threads in this forum. they will be closed without warning. now, read:

mech cocker vs. mech cocker

there are tons of mech cockers around, and you may find it hard to decide which suits you. the first step is to decide what you're willing to spend. if you're looking at mech cockers, don't spend more than $400 unless you're really into mechanical markers and don't care about how bad the resale value will be. once you've got your price range, look around for cockers that fit it. when you find them, READ THE REVIEWS! this is a review site and you should utilize the resources handed to you. compare the reviews of the mech cockers you're looking at. look at their specs, what parts they offer. if they have different frames, shoot them both to see which one you like best. can't? flip a coin. the coin will just speed up the process of choosing, because if you've already read the reviews and haven't decided, then you're not going to get any further without that coin.

electronic cocker vs. electronic cocker

since worr blades and e-blades are virtually the same, they'll shoot just as fast. e2's are faster because of their TT filters, but the basic blades are still faster than you. speed isn't an issue. even stock pneumatics cycle fast enough for electronic frames, so don't worry about that. other than that, it's the same thing as mech vs. mech.

mech cocker vs. electronic cocker

electronic cocker wins. end of story. of course, this has everything to do with performance. if you're on a budget, or don't like buying and changing batteries, go mech. or, perhaps you like the feel of the mech better than the electro. again, that's your decision, and nobody on this forum can make it for you.

mech cocker vs. trilogy

trilogy cockers are made for newbies. they are not meant to be tinkered with, and they're not meant to be upgraded. they are entry level cockers. so, mech vs. trilogy ends up being customizability vs. simplicity.

trilogy vs. trilogy

compare the features and decide which better suits you. that's all.

trilogy vs. electronic cocker

if you're seriously asking this, quit paintball and never look back.

any cocker vs. any other marker

hey, guess which forum this is! yep, it's the COCKER FORUM! most people are going to suggest COCKERS! but cockers have their own feel to them. maybe you won't like them. maybe you will. if you're really going to invest in a cocker or a marker of equal price, wouldn't you like to make sure that you like it first? go shoot one of the markers you're looking at. if you can't, you might as well get that coin out again.

questions? comments?
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