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A useful tactic in woodsball is, "The Zigzag"(Zigzag on the course while in tight situations, but you still move up while doing this). I know this may sound like the easiest thing you can do, but it requires certain rules to accomplish this tactic...

#1: Know the environment. Know the condition of the entire area. You don't want to end up tripping and falling flat on your arse all because of a small treestump.

#2: When doing this manuever while rushing someone, ALWAYS, focus where others might be. You may be close enough to them but then you can get shot in the back.

#3: Keep moving fast. The faster you are, the harder to hit.

Tactic Number 2

Stealth: Being stealthy is what 60% of bushballers will do on average. When sneaking around, be focused on your advantage point. If you see 2 enemys, and you clearly have the advantage, then only fire if you will be prepared for onslaughts of other enemys.

Another good thing to do is, keep in contact with your team. If worst comes to worst, you can rely on your teamates for support.

If your team is strugling with a frontal assault, flank the enemy. And when the enemys are focused on you, thats your key to victory!

These are only a few stealth tactics, i will update later but i gotta get some sleep. Workin early tomorrow.
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