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Originally posted by muzzmastah
1. Good.
2. Not until you have at least a new bolt, valve, and HPA. Max output 500psi.
3. I've heard good things about these.
4.Expanding on #2: Boss bolt. Nitro (HPA) is a good idea.

Revy and boomstick are fine.

Be sure you have enough money left over to buy paint and actually play the game.
No, he should definitely make sure he has a good regulator before a Boss Bolt. The Boss Bolt is fine, but the stock one is suitable. The regulator should definitely come first. However, with a Detonator, you will most likely need HPA if you don't already have it. Then, get a Boss Bolt before a new valve. You may not even see any performance differences w/a new valve. You may be able to run at lower pressures, but the efficiency may not be as good as with the stock valve.

Getting the Boss Blade first is a good choice.
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