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Originally posted by nole16k
No, he should definitely make sure he has a good regulator before a Boss Bolt. The Boss Bolt is fine, but the stock one is suitable. The regulator should definitely come first. However, with a Detonator, you will most likely need HPA if you don't already have it. Then, get a Boss Bolt before a new valve. You may not even see any performance differences w/a new valve. You may be able to run at lower pressures, but the efficiency may not be as good as with the stock valve.

Getting the Boss Blade first is a good choice.
I was talking about the Det in particular. The boss bolt is higher-flowing than the stock bolt, as are the other parts I mentioned. He would need these to operate efficiently at 500psi or below. If he were to get a higher-output regulator like a Stabilizer, then he would not need those high-flow parts.

It'll be hard to outshoot a Revvy with an EXT board. The revvy is fine.

I haven't used the evil bolts, but I hear that they suck.
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