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Re: update

Originally posted by Response22
i just purchased the evil detonator and the pmi turbo valve yesterday. i was pleasantly surprised with the results. my gun was more accurate, QUIETER!!!!, and definatly more efficient. right now i am running at 250 psi. do you think it is possible to run lower? ti hammer??? thanks for the great advice!
Eh, I would skip out on the ti hammer. They are known to have wear problems over time, and don't do that much for ya. You might have to use a harder main spring/ softer valve spring to do this also, to compensate for the lost weight.

Remember when going lp, it is not how far you go, but the spot where your marker is most efficient. To do that, you need to sweetspot your reg. If you don't know how to do that, I will supply you with instructions on how to.
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