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hey, i just picked up a Rebel LE with 3 barrels for 20$ but the barrels i got were pretty junky..any ideas as to what a good barrel would be for the gun? And if you would happen to know, a good paint match for the barrel?
Also, the bottomline on the gunleaks from where the hose goes into the think i should get a new bottomline for it/hose or you think itd be worth it to buy some silicone or lock tight or somethin and see if it would seal that up?
My Setup-

32* Rebel LE
-14" 32* Whisper Barrel
-32* Flame Drop Forward
-32* Uni. Fill Adapter
-32* 6-Stage Expansion Chamber
-Custom Spring Kit

R.I.P. Eradicator 2003-2006
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