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Originally posted by morris07
hey, i just picked up a Rebel LE with 3 barrels for 20$ but the barrels i got were pretty junky..any ideas as to what a good barrel would be for the gun?
I absolutely love my 14" SP teardrop. Your best bet is to ask people that play at the same field what works well with the field paint.
And if you would happen to know, a good paint match for the barrel?
Also, the bottomline on the gunleaks from where the hose goes into the think i should get a new bottomline for it/hose or you think itd be worth it to buy some silicone or lock tight or somethin and see if it would seal that up?
If it's macroline and it's leaking where the hose meets the fitting, take the macro hose out and check the o-ring inside the fitting. If it's leaking at a threaded connector, unscrew the connector, clean both sets of threads, and use teflon tape or blue loctite. You can tell where the leak is by use of a drop of soapy water. Good luck.
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