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right off the bat move out as far as possible ( im a frontman if u couldnt tell ) try to stick to bunkers that have a standup and a laydown or a combo. stay quiet for a moment to take the pressure off of ur bunker. try to quickly advance up the field shouting where ppl r, and suppressing ny1 who sees u. wen u feel u have gotten to a critical point in the fire! take out the first person with as few balls as possible, and if no1 sees u, take out the next person the same way. if u have a bunker that u can see all/most of the field from, pick off runners from bunker to bunker. try not to gain attention from others and stay tucked bhind the bunker to avoid being seen. call for a paintcheck instead of cursing and letting enemies hear u . IN OTHER WORDS....MAKE IT TO THE END OF THE GAME.
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