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Guys PLEASE keep this thread as clean as possible. Meaning no clutter or nothing off-topic or related to enhancing this thread.

In fact after a bit I will delete this post as well.

Speedy2K4 has taken some time and is trying to make this forum better. He noticed that some of the other forums have been "cleaning up" their stickies and wants to as well. I have also received a few PM's from you requesting the same.

So since Speedy started this, he has full editing priveleges. What he says stays stays, What he says goes goes.

If you want to thank him PLEASE start another thread.

Only post info that will help other learn their markers better, improve their ability to tech their markers, and make finding answers to commonly asked Matrix questions/problems easy.

I'm not gonna Thank Speedy as that would be breaking my own rule, in this thread. And remember this will also be delted when it's appropriate (this posting. NOT this thread).

Oh and we're using this as a replacement, NOT an addition to the stickys. Keep that in mind while adding to this thread.
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