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-ICD Appraisal Thread-

Well we don't have a appraisal thread so I thought it would be worth a shot. If its a problem with a mod just delete it. So this is how it works, you will appraise the person's marker above you, so the person below me will appraise my marker. Don't say "The gun in my sig." write it out so people can see it in normal font. If you want you can appraise anyone's marker above you, so 3 people down can appraise mine, just say who and what price you think. You can keep posting to help with the appraising part. Hopefully if this goes over good a mod will sticky it. Ill start it off.

Black/Red B2K4 PDS -
Chaos Board -
V-Link -
CP Reg. With Milling (ST Reg.) -
CiP Uni Mount -
CiP Feed Neck -
Dye Sticky 3's -
SP Harness -
Custom Bolt From SP -
Vapor Valve -
Vapor Works Modded Ram -
Vapor Works Hammer -
Skull On Bolt Pin -
Matchstick 7 Piece Kit -
Macdev LPR -
Ram Gauge -
Bob Long 300 PSI Gauge -
Red Halo B -

I have lubed it after every time ive played and every month if I don't use it in that month. It has one oring detent modded with eraser to stop double feeding with the halo, but doesn't slice balls in half.

***Pics aren't required***
Rules -
Don't get off topic, keep it to appraisal and appraising only. Also if you think the person above you made a bad call in price, take it up in PM's dont spam the thread please. It would also be nice why you think the person your apprasing's gun is worth x amount of dollars.

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