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Know how to control a feild. simple as that either by yourself or with a teamate just gain control. Feild knowledge is key too. I personally have defeated 1 on 7 on a feild simply cause i knew the feild and how to control it even by myself. All my team died and I moved to back center held my ground and tore them up 1 by 1. Snap shooting is definently a key skill. Playing all sides of the bunker WITH BOTH HANDS. really fast snapshooting from all angles with both hands and you can hold off so many people just dont stay on one side of your bunker. Use all of it. I slowly picked off these seven guys. I got 2 trying to bunker me 4 trying to snap me out of my own bunker and I came at the last one, he lost me and i got him too. I practice snap shooting quite a bit. Walk the feilds know the key bunkers and practice
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