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I saw this last night but it was like 11:30 (not that late I know but it was a long day) so I figured I'd spare you guys my brain-dead appraisals. Now that I'm a bit more spry I'll have a stab at it.

Shorti, I'd say around $575-$600. With Halo included, $650.

supernothing's is almost the same. The main difference is the frame and harness, so I'd say a fairly solid $650 or so. With Halo, $700.

Both awesome guns, you guys have kickass taste in barrels!

paintballer1818, I'd say maybe like $210? The minireg doesnt really increase the value IMO.

pbdan, yours is about $210 without the tank, and $245 with.

Anyways remember, your guns are only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it!

someone appraise mine! remember, non PDS!
Blind Bolt
Vapor valve
Hybrid lady grips
CP 1-piece
Longbow 2-piece
Clamping feedneck
titanium bolt pin ($11 new)
Shootpaint harness
Chaos MAX
cant forget....ICDO jewel and barrel condom!

wow.....I know I'm not gonna want to see what this is worth compared to how much I put into it....
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