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Paintball 101

Bunkering 101
Snapshooting 101
Diving 101
Xball 101
Sliding 101
Teamwork 101
Wiping 101
Breaking out And Player Positions 101
Tool Kit 101
Camouflage types 101
How Your Gun Works 101
Preparing to Paintball 101
Woodsball 101

Props to F2F4 and STO Baller 22 and I.A.O.A.B. and taso_winforce and Sotex Killa07 and me and fusion_05. and v555ryan and QuiksilverMV and grenadegloves

As you can tell these people put a lot of time and effort into these.

If you have a thread you would like included, PM either Bigshot or myself.

Thanks, -UTL

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