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my piranha isn't working/broke/missing a part. what do i do?

if your piranha isn't working for what ever reason (leaking,not shooting,ect) look here. that was posted on pbn by a piranha tech that works for PMI. if that doesn't help than call 1-800-579-1633. that is PMI's tech support. they are very helpful.

if there is a specific part on your marker that is broke, lost, or missing for what ever reason then you want to e-mail PMI. there e-mail is what you do when you e-mail them is you tell them what part you need and what your address is ect. here is a sample letter.

Billy Ceranski
1324 Monkey Highway
Chicago, IL 60656
14 years old
STS - G2 - Black
Dick's Sporting Goods
1 - Green Spring
SMM 1453

send them one of those and they will send you the part and it will get to you in about 2-5 days

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