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Originally posted by Gastric
Troubleshooting tips

Here are some general troublehsooting tips. Check these first if you're having a problem.

Bolt is cocked but will not fire when the trigger is pulled
* Check that the marker is on. If not turn it on.
* Check that when you pull the trigger the solenoid actuates. This can be heard or can be seen if you remove the left grip cheeck. If the solenoid doesn't actuate replace the battery. If this doesn't fix it call M3 tech support.
* The solenoid actuates but the sear doesn't release the hammer. Replace the battery. If that doesn't fix it you need to adjust your sear by screwing the sear screw INTO the grip more. See the excellent video on for directions.

Will post more sometime soon. Gotta run.

This happened to me but mined turned off and if this happens to you check the connection the the capacitor, the battery like thingy, usually black and will say 16v the connection on mine to the board came un soldered so you may want to solder it yourself or have someone do it for you.
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