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I have an 04 BKO package for sale!

Here is what all of this stuff goes for brand new today:

2004 Blue BKO (Gun, Barrel, Reg) - $300
Red Dye Sticky Grips - $25
JT Flex 7 Black/Grey(thermal) Goggles - $50
Blue Ricochet AK Loader - $60
2003 Rock Regulator - $60
3A Blue Flame Drop with On/Off - $30
25g Switch - $5

Total Price: $530

Your Price: ????

I bought this gun new in June of last year. I put maybe 6 cases of paint through this thing. I have the trigger on this thing set up to rip. With the 25 g switch you can literally look at the trigger and it shoots. It's that light of a pull. You can easily achieve a ROF up to 13 bps consistently with this gun. The only reason I'm letting this thing go is that I just bought an Ion and I don't need this anymore.

I want to use a Money Order, but i'll do paypal if you pay the paypal fees.

These pics are really big, and I didn't feel like resizing them all, so just check them out here.

So offer some money, and I might entertain some trades, but I wouldn't count on it. You'd ship first though.
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