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yesterday i was playin some woodball with my buds and it was a two on two. My other teamate and i knew the other team was gonna attack us so i told my teamate to get in like this trench that we play in and just play defence and sorta get their attention so i can sneak up behind them. So at the beginning of the game i start going around where i thought the other team was. I cross the ditch and start moving towards them from behind. My team mate was out so it was 2 on 1 and so im walking along the woods and i see them moving down the long ditch, one looking back and the other looking forrwards. SO i get about 15 yards maybe 25 and i aim at the point man and nail um in his arm. i shot at the other guy and hit um in the butt. It was great, i totally flanked them and my other freeind did and awsome job of getting there attention and makin them come to him.
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