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Re: Keys to great snapshooting

Originally posted by shanefoster

Avoid popping out the top. This is the NUMBER ONE NEWBIE MISTAKE!!! I see it all the time at my field. Only do this if you are the last one in and you need to see where everyone is to avoid being bunkered. And when you do it make sure you do the #4 thing. If you pop out the top most likely the entire team or at least 3 or 4 can shoot at you. You should try to stick to shooting out the sides. This way you can limit the amount of players shooting at you. Some fields are newbie friendly with only a few low bunkers that are protected on the sides so that you can pop out the top, but don't expect this. This is a rarity! Practice shooting out the side!
Quoted for emphasis, I was playing paintball about 1-2 weeks ago in a rather small woodsball arena(picture speedball, only smaller, and without the silly air bunkers) and as we were playing rather small teams, it came down to 1vs1, the 1 being me, of course. Anyhow, my friend(the second 1... haha) and I were approx. 25 ft away from each other, each hunkered into a bunker. I know how to snapshoot, and he doesn't, clearly I'm at the advantage. So I snap out the side and he dives into his bunker, I don't take the advantage and move, 'cause I spaced and didn't see the bunker between him and I. So he pops back out and we continue playing "snap tag", until I make the stupid move and pop out the top. Stupid me, and wouldn't you know it, he railed me right in the forehead. In conclusion, NEVER POP OUT OF THE TOP OF A BUNKER!
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