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so youve been scammed on ebay or on a website?

Well, concidering i run a website here are a few tips for you to get your money back and screw the mofo that screwed you.

First of all make sure you attempt to contact the seller by phone and ask for your money back...

Desperate measures cause for desperate action.

1. Make sure you pay via paypal / credit card transaction ONLY not from your bank account...otherwise this may not work..
Realize that paypal is great for buyers and sucks for sellers... if someone doesnt send you your marker, place a dispute with paypal and they will hold all his money ( even money that other customers sent him), if that doesnt work... call your credit card directly and dispute the transaction... they will put the money back in your account and "charge back" paypal, they will not like that and will charge back the seller and it will really hurts the seller, because he will be charged a lot of extra fees and may loose his merchant/ paypal account.

2. pay directly through your credit card not a check card if the seller has a terminal.

call your credit card company and dispute the transaction, just be honest and they will refun your money within 12 hours, then they will take the money from the seller and charge him chargeback fees tipically $35 .. he may also loose his merchant account and will never be a ble to accept credit cards...
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