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Well here's a little goodie from me and my dad's day off trying to get his new boat in the water.
The day started of pretty normal for a day off. We went up to the lake and got his old boat out of drydock. We motor on over to the boat place and he hands it over and takes the new one. 18' Searay I think... well we go for a ride and bla bla bla and back to the cottage we go. So we dock and all that and start up the barbecue drop the poles in the water and start drinking some beers. Then his friends show up (Yep that's the start of it all.) Well a good while later we are all pretty well lit and we are all checking out my dad's new toy. We can't really go anywhere because it's not registered yet plus we're all hammered. Well one of my dads buddies pipes up and says something about christening the boat. We all look at my mom who is enjoying a bottle of champagne. "No way in hell...get your own bottle to break." So I"m thinking I have a bottle in my hand that will do. I make the suggestion to my dad. He likes it and says go for it. So, me being me, I chuck the beer bottle at the back of the boat. The damn thing bounced. So I grab the next one and toss that. That one bounces too. I start mumbling something about "just like paintball" . Well my dads buddies are all laughing and they giving me all kinds of hard times because I can't seem to break the beer bottle. So they all try it. 3 of them and they all bounced off the back of the boat. Now we're all a good distance from the boat so my dad makes a comment about getting up close and personal with this. He's determined now. So he strolls up to the back of the boat and he has this lost dazed and confused look on his face and he drops the bottle. At first I thought he was having a heart attack or something. Then he starts flipping out. AT ME!! I'm like WTF pop? What I do? All he's doing is pointing at the back ofthe boat.... All I see are these dents in the fiberglass engine cover from every single beer bottle we tossed opps.... I was laughing so hard I fell in the water. My dad was pissed... had the boat for under a day and he managed to break it. But it's my fault because it was my idea. At least my bottle hit the engine mount. I'm smart enough not to through things at fiber glass. I still got blamed though. So he's yelling, his friends are laughing, and I'm getting the beer bottles out of the water (I'm there anyway...might as well because he's going to make me do it anyway) my son, who's too much like his dad) picks up a bottle and looks at the boat. I KNOW that look. Before I could yell for him to stop what he's about to do, he swings at the boat with the bottle. SMASH! goes the bottle. He looks around calm as a cucumber and smiles and rolls his eyes... "Grownups..." and walks away without another word. My dad stopped dead in his tracks, his buddies almost died, and I kept my butt safely in the water. I'm sooo buying the kid a new bike this weekend I can't wait to see the insurance report on this least I don't have to pay the deductible.
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