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How the CYCLONE works!


Okay so here is how it all goes down. When you fire the marker air goes by the path of least resistence. So at first there's no blowback gas, it all goes straight up to thru the CVX channels and powertube. Once it hits the paintball there's resistence and air can start to build up pressure with the hammer (rear bolt).

With the A-5 in particular there is a small exhaust hole on the side of the powertube. This is in the open area of the powertube when the valve is installed. So when air goes thru the channels... no air yet going to cyclone. It only gets air when blowback gas finally starts to build! That's very important and crucial to the timing of the Cyclone (quite ingenious).

Any ways the blowback gas will both shove the hammer back, but also shove the Cyclone piston forward.

Now as you can see from this animation the yellow portion is the gas source. Here's a breakdown of each individual part.

2-shaded green: Ratchet - Part Number 02-53
Blue: Feeder Axel - Part Number 02-49
Red: Feeder Ratchet Spring - Part Number 02-50
Light Blue: Plunger U-ring - Part Number02-63

So as the gas makes the way through the air fittings and into the shaft the U-ring expands. Holds air to make the plunger move forward. Think of it like you're sitting on a skateboard holding an umbrella. Gust of 50mph wind comes by… you're cruising! Same thing here.

As the plunger moves forward the Ratchet swivels around. The Feeder Axel doesn't move because the Ratchet Spring holds it in place. But once the Ratchet is all the way forward, by this time all the air is now pushing the ball out the barrel. So the air vents and allows the Plunger Spring to pull back. And back comes the Ratchet.

The Ratchet grabs onto the Feeder Axel and pulls it. As it does this the Cyclone Star will begin to spin. That process will chamber the next paintball into the A-5's breech.

Hope this helps. Any questions or comments feel free to leave.

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