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There are three important things in the woods that I like using to my advantage. First off normally the woods are somewhat shaded and dark, making it hard to pick out people who wear dark camo. You normally can see someone, at the farthest, 150 yards away, and thats if they are walking not trying to stay hidden. If you hide in a thicket or some close together trees, most people will not spot you if you stay still until they are about 30-50yds away, and at that point you've already got a great shot on them. The second aspect is the noise. The ground is normally littered with leaves and twigs, and they make it very hard for a person to be quiet while trying to sneak to their position. These all add up to the last tip, suprise is the key. Because of all the underbrush and twigs and tree limbs, it is normally pretty tough to pop someone from far away. So you gotta stay patient and let them come to you, then pull that trigger like no other, and move. My friend and I were playing a game called "Bin Ladin" where 2 people have 5 minutes to go into the woods and hide while 10 people come hunt them. We decided to stick together and we hid in a brush pile. Sure enough because of the lighting we were not seen until 3 people were 10 ft from us and were shot before they could turn around. Wait for your attacker and wait for a clear shot
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