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1. A skilled military shooter detailed to spot and pick off enemy soldiers from a concealed place.
2. One who shoots at other people from a concealed place.

1. One that pitches.
2. Baseball. The player who throws the ball from the mound to the batter.

Note how neither definition gives referance to ranges or more defined concepts (strike zone, fieldcraft, walks, navigation, stalking, etc) used by professional. Therefore, a dictionary does not actually define a person, rather a concept.

Some of you will cling to the dictionary definition and then try an arguement I've already heard. So, here's another for those wanting semantics:

The first definition cannot apply because paintball is not a military organization. The second one is contradicted by the concealment aspect. Concealment is anything that blocks or hinders view, so just about any cover commonly found on the field.

This means that any player is a sniper. But to use a term such as 'sniper' differentiates that player from the rest of the pack, making him unique. If we do use the definition in the dictionary, then the first is rednered inapplicable and the second is a contradiction in and of itself.

Therefore, snipers do not exist in paintball because the definitions do not apply.

Now that that has been covered, let's examine some things:

The effective range of a paintball marker is around 40 yards when we factor in breaks. From 40 yards you can be seen fairly easily without optical aid unless you are very well concealed and covered. Even camouflage won't work incredibly at this range unless you are layered behind brush.

So, one shot fires. The team may take a loss and then they have a general direction to search. Any decent opfor will immediatly identify firing lanes and that is their search area. Heck, they may even see you based on the firing lanes! From here, it is movement-to-contact or they can return fire and pin you down because you are within range.

If not, they can skirmish line and then move in the general area, each successive shot you fire is a homing beacon.

And eggress? Perhaps, but if you move they already have firing lanes watched so you may move through that window. And if you make noise...that zeros down your location even more. And trust me, moving through the brush makes noise, especially if they're listening for it!

Sidenote, I've never been "sniped" before by a one-shot pop from out of nowhere. I have good spotting eyes so usually, if I do get popped, it's in an aggressive assault and the odds just catch up to me.
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