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Being and absolute gun whore and tinker freak. I use the boards as trading posts alot.

Worst thing a buyer can do is impulse buy. PLEASE, PLEASE, take the time to research your seller and the marker they are selling. the "too good to be true" line isnt always true, but most of the time it is.

Another thing sellers can do to help out buyers is have CURRANT picutures of their markers. I know most people do, but there have been a few times where ive gotten stuff and it hasnt matched the pictures ive recieved. All these times ended happily all the way around (a tribute to the fact that MOST people arent realy trying to rip you off).

Also as a buyer you need to research the particutlar gun your getting as best you can. Find out its history from the person your getting it from. Previous owners, serial, etc. if its been traded on the boards a few times, its pretty easy to find sombody else whos owned it.

Contact the people in the sellers feedback thread. Ask them thier impression of the seller, not all feedback is totaly honest neh?

thats about it. Again ive been at gun swaping online for better part of 3 years now, and ive only gotten ripped once.
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