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I agree that the dictionary definition of a sniper does not work very well, but I draw a different conclusion.

Like I have said, this is what a sniper is in a line or 2 according to websters. If you think about about it, ALL soldiers are "skilled" military shooters who are suposed to pick off enemy troops. And I think most soldiers prefer concealed positions rather than ones in the open. So does that mean every soldier on a battlefield is a sniper? No.

I say lets throw out the dictionary definition. The meaning of the word sniper can be debated forever, let alone what websters definition is. As I have said before, the only way to define what a sniper is, is by looking at history. Who in history has been called a sniper, and why?

Range, accuracy, concealment etc etc is ALL reletive to the situation.

Range- Some snipers like marines corps are trained to shoot at 1000 yards, while police snipers rarely shoot 100 yards. So obviously the range is not a factor.

Accuracy- Accuracy is too subjective. I have shown how some markers and players can be more accurate than others, therefore some players would have a greater accuracy. Now, of course they arent as accurate as modern rifles, but if you look in the blackpowder days there were snipers and they had nowhere near the accuracy of the modern sniper. Yet would you deny that they were snipers?

Concealment- As a hunter I know you can easily be invisible in the woods. I have seen airsoft guys and paintballers step on other players that were so well concealed. I have also seen many players be "tapped" out by players who snuck up on them.

Military- You do not have to be in a military organization to be a sniper. Terrorist, police, resistence, militia, etc etc can all be snipers.

I still do not understand why people are so against the word sniper or the idea of snipers. I have seen a few articles in magazines where "real life" police and military snipers have done "sniper training" for players at scenario games. These guys have their own paintball sniper rigs, equipment and ghillie suits. These real world snipers believe in the paintball sniper, why wont the rest of you?

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