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Dragunfly Manual

Hey everybody. you have DarkeWolf to thank for scaning this manual and emailing it to me. You also got goose_u69 to thank for requesting it.

If any of you would like me to email you a ziped folder with all infol listed below, please Pm me and ill send it right over.

Owners Manual

This marker is not a toy. Misuse may cause serious injury or death. Eye protection designed for paintbal! use must be worn by the user and any person within range. Recommend at least 18 years of age to purchase, 14 years of age to use with adult supervision, or 10 years old to use on paintball fields meeting ASTM-Standard Fl 777-97. Read operation manual before using.
Never shoot at anyone without the proper protective equipment for the eyes, ears, throat and head, which must be worn at all times. Eye protection must be designed specifically for paintball use. failure to follow these safety precautions may result in bodily injury including blindness and deafness.
Rules for Safe Paintball Marker Handling
1. Always wear proper eye, face, and ear protection designed specifically
to stop
2. Never shoot a person who is not wearing proper protection.
3. Treat every paintball marker as if it were foaded.
4. Never point a paintball maker at anything thing you don't intend to shoot.
5. Keep the paintball maker on safety until ready to shoot.
6. Keep the barrel plug in the makers barrel when not shooting.
7. Always remove gas source before disassembly.
8. Store the paintball marker unloaded and degassed in a locked place.
9. Follow warnings listed on the gas source for handling and storage.
10. Never use anything other than .68 caliber paintballs.
11. Do not shoot fragile objects such as windows.
12. Paintballs may cause staining of some porous surfaces such as brick, stucco, and wood.
13. Always measure your markers velocity before playing paintball.
14. Never shoot at velocities in excess of 300 feet per second.

Operating Instructions

1 .Turn on Marker: Note: Marker should turn in SAFE mode. If it is not you will need to place it in safe mode before any further operation
2. Cock: Cock marker by pulling cocking handle back fully until locked in sear position.
This is a semi-automatic marker which will re-cock itself after firing when working correctly.
3. Attach Gas Source: Marker can be used with a constant air refillable cylinder (not included). You should expect better gas efficiency with a larger refiilable tank.
4. Load Paintballs: (1) Insert paintballs (not included) in port or (2) attach hoppeKnot included) and fill with paintballs (Not included).
*Note- Paintballs should be stored in a cool, dry place in a sealed bag or container. Do Not subject paintballs to freezing, excessive heat, humidity, or store in direct sunlight.
5. Eye Protection: Make sure that everyone within range (200ft.) is properly protected from paintball impact by wearing proper eye protection.
6. Remove Barrel Plug and turn off safety.
7. Verify Velocity: Make sure the paintball marker's velocity is below 300 feet per second.
8. Fire: The paintbal) marker is now ready to fire.
Setting Up your Dragunfly Marker
Note: Some or all may or may not apply depending on weather you have purchased an electric or mechanical Dragunfly.
The Dragunfly is designed to operate on high pressure air. Using Co2 with this marker is not recommended. The input pressure should be set between 300-350 psi. (for electric) and 200-250 (for mechanical). Because the dragunfly does not come equipped with a regulator, you will need to purchase one to operate the marker.

Velocity Adjustments

1 .Set the input pressure to 300-350 psi and check your velocity.
2. To change the velocity, remove the cocking rod from the back of the marker.
3.Turn the velocity plug with an alien wrench clockwise to increase the velocity.
4.Turn the velocity plug counter clockwise to decrease velocity.
5. Replace the cocking rod and check velocity again.
6. Repeat steps 2-5 until desired velocity is achieved.
7. Always check with your local field for a copy of their rules of play.
If you have any questions about set up or service of any of our markers please contact our tech. Department at 1-866-6DRAGUN. <- Phone # doesnt work anymore!
Electronic Trigger Frame
Your marker is equipped with an electronic trigger frame featuring a liquid crystal display. It has several different settings and display modes including electronic safety, game timer, shot counter, and battery level. It also has actuation capability of up to 20 balls per second. The defining feature that sets this trigger frame apart from it's competition is it's revolutionary, external adjustable solenoid and sear. <- the part about the lcd and 20 bps doesnt apply if you have an LED. the LED is capped at 10 bps.

Battery Installation

The trigger frame is powered by a 9-volt battery
(alkaline recommended) not included.
To install the battery, remove the left grip panel on the trigger frame. Plug in the battery to the battery connector and insert into the trigger frame. Note: Be sure ail wirers are tucked into the frame and cannot become trapped between the trigger frame and the grip pane!. Secure grip panel with pane] screws.


In the activation instructions:
A= Top Button B= Bottom
Press and hold B for approx. 5 seconds.
Your marker should turn on in safe mode. If not press and hold A
for approx. 5 seconds.
Press A one time to release from safety mode.
Firing Modes: Press A repeatedly to scroll through firing modes.
When the desired firing mode is reached, press B one time to activate. Then press A until you achieve the rate of fire you wish to use. Press B one time to set.
Shot Counter Mode: After you select and set your desired rate of fire, press B two times. This will display your shot counter. Press A two times, the shot counter will blink showing the current number of shots. Press A once again. This will reset the shot counter to 00000.Pressing B one time you will return to your current firing mode. Press B once again to set.
Game Timer Mode: After you have reset the shot counter press B two times. This will display the game timer. Press A one time. The display will begin to blink. Continue to press A until you reach your desired game time setting. Note: pressing B after you set the game timer will return you to firing mode, and the game timer will be activated, counting down irom your selected game time. After your game timer has timed out the marker will return to safety mode.
Power Mode: While in firing mode press B four times. The display will read "Power Auto Off". While this mode is activated the marker will automatically shut off after 30 minutes of non-use. Press A one time the display wilt begin to blink. Press A again and this will change the marker to "Normal" power mode. If you wish to set the marker to this mode press B one time. Note: In normal power mode the marker will remain on until manually powered off. It is recommended that you keep the marker in "Auto Power Off" mode to conserve battery life.


The electronic trigger frame may require adjustment as the distance between the striker and the sear may vary from one marker to another.
Complete the following steps to adjust the trigger frame:
1. Loosen locking adjustment screw
2. Unscrew sear adjustment screw until flush with trigger frame body.
3. Turn trigger frame off. With no air attached, set to fire mode.
4. Cock marker by pulling on bolt.
5. Pull trigger, if bolt releases re-cock and repeat step 5 4-5 times, if marker fires correctly , attach air and repeat step 5. If marker continues to fire correctly, tighten locking adjustment screw. If the marker does not fire correctly see step 6
6. If the marker did not fire correctly in step 5, turn sear adjustment screw clockwise 1/8!h turn. Repeat step 5. If the marker still does not fire correctly, continue to adjust the sear adjustment screw 1/8lh turn and repeat step 5 until marker fires correctly. Note: Remember to tighten locking adjustment screw when the adjustment process is complete.
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