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Hi Eaglelox. First I want to thank you for putting in the time to make a a custon Pirahna part...There are few who do, and I personally think of them (you) as being worthy of my respect simply for having the boldness to step away from the mainstream Spyder cliche.....That said, I have to say that there are mixed feelings out there about whether lightening the striker is a beneficial thing....I personally think it is and am interested in your product. I feel the price is rather prohibitive though. I don't know how your sales have been so far, but if they are low, I would guess the price would be the culprit.

On a seperate note....How is that striker for wear? similar strikers have been canceled because of them having wear problems.

Finally, how does the volumizing make recocking better?

Edit....You could add your product to the product review section of this site....Many people don't look at the forums and won't know you have this product.
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Piranha E-forceG3 BLwith Boss blade trigger,
Boss bolt, Detonator regulator, Boss flush cocking system, Dye Sticky 3 grips, Macro line setup, High flow valve and pin, Empire barrel kit, AGD Warp Feed. t-board w/eyes (WOW!!!) Intimidator eye covers

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Originally posted by Shinnanagans:
You can have a $1,000 gun but you'll still have a $1 game.

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