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Thanks for your quick response. If your sales are way up then I guess there would be no reason to lower the price (law of supply and demand). So what material is the front of the striker? Nylatron?

The good news is that you dont have to convince me that less weight is better....There is a limit to this, but I'm sure you haven't hit that yet. Before finding your product, I was planning on taking a drill press to my stock hammer to cut weight....still might until I can get around to purchaing yours
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Piranha E-forceG3 BLwith Boss blade trigger,
Boss bolt, Detonator regulator, Boss flush cocking system, Dye Sticky 3 grips, Macro line setup, High flow valve and pin, Empire barrel kit, AGD Warp Feed. t-board w/eyes (WOW!!!) Intimidator eye covers

Fear the Fish Spyder=Piranha clone

Originally posted by Shinnanagans:
You can have a $1,000 gun but you'll still have a $1 game.
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