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Thanks to Jaster for the sticky! Thanks for helping us to help out some of the guys/gals here in the dragun forums

also wanna make a note about the way that Wulf posted the schematic. If you click it, let it load, and then click it again, you can get the full-sized version of it. (Edit- 5-20-06: Loon's host is all screwy, so the schematic isnt available on their site anymore. If you scroll down a little bit further, down to post #11, I hosted the schematic with Imageshack and posted it in the thread, a while back.) (Edit- 9-18-06: I now have the files hosted online at my website- where you can download them from there. If you should happen to have any problems with the site, or downloading them, feel free to PM me and let me know. I'll be more than happy to send them to you via email) NOTE- You have to be using a browser that has scripts and java active.

Another note about that manual. Its printed for a LCD Dragunfly, even tho, it came with my LED Dragunfly. So somethings may not be all the same. Like shifting thru the fire settings.
For the fire settings, to the best of my knowledge, we've got Safe, (red light) Semi (green light) and Automatic (combination light).
If anybody knows how to adjust the bps on an LED, please post it
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