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Operating Instructions

1 .Turn on Marker: Note: Marker should turn in SAFE mode. If it is not you will need to place it in safe mode before any further operation
2. Cock: Cock marker by pulling cocking handle back fully until locked in sear position.
This is a semi-automatic marker which will re-cock itself after firing when working correctly.
3. Attach Gas Source: Marker can be used with a constant air refillable cylinder (not included). You should expect better gas efficiency with a larger refillable tank.
4. Load Paintballs: (1) Insert paintballs (not included) in port or (2) attach hopper(not included) and fill with paintballs (Not included).
*Note- Paintballs should be stored in a cool, dry place in a sealed bag or container. Do Not subject paintballs to freezing, excessive heat, humidity, or store in direct sunlight.
5. Eye Protection: Make sure that everyone within range (200ft.) is properly protected from paintball impact by wearing proper eye protection.
6. Remove Barrel Plug and turn off safety.
7. Verify Velocity: Make sure the paintball marker's velocity is below 300
feet per second.
8. Fire: The paintball marker is now ready to fire.
Setting Up Your T.E.S. Marker
This marker is designed to operate on high pressure or Co2 air sources. Input pressure should be set between 300-425 psi. The marker is supplied with a vertical fore-grip regulator.

Dragun Optical Sensor

The T.E.S. marker is equipped with the Dragun Optical Sensor. This is a paintball detecting system which will not allow the marker to fire without a paintball in the breech.

added 6/28/05-
If you ever have to take the eye out, or replace it, make sure that you put it back in the jack correctly. (I'd put mine in backwards accidentally, and it wouldnt read.) With the lenses of the eye facing inwards towards the breech of the gun, the wires should be, from left to right, in this order- Black, red, tan, white.
And make very sure not to crimp any of the wires! Either with the eye cover, or when putting the screw in.

To turn the eye off, simply hold the trigger back for 8 seconds. Some of the older TES, you have to hold it back 10-12 seconds
To turn it back on, shut the marker off, and turn it back on. The eye will automatically turn back on with the marker.

Electronic Trigger Frame

Your marker is equipped with an electronic trigger frame featuring a liquid crystal display. It has several different settings and display modes including electronic safety, game timer, shot counter, and battery level. It also has actuation capability of up to 20 balls per second. The defining feature that sets this trigger frame apart from it's competition is it's revolutionary, external adjustable solenoid and sear.


Battery Installation

The trigger frame is powered by a 9-volt battery
(alkaline recommended) not included.
To install the battery, remove the left grip panel on the trigger frame.
Plug in the battery to the battery connector and insert into the trigger frame.
Note: Be sure all wirers are tucked into the frame and cannot
become trapped between the trigger frame and the grip panel.
Secure grip panel with panel screws.

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