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Using a Regulator

Your paintball marker may or may not come equipped with a regulator, which will allow you to shoot either Co2 or compressed air/nitrogen. (If your marker did not come with a regulator, use this guide as reference when you add one to your marker.) The regulator supplied, or other regulators, can be used on all models. It is important to properly use and set your regulator to get the most efficient use of Co2 or air, also for the safety and well - being of the user. Please follow these instructions on the care of your regulator and on adjusting the settings.
I) The regulator has been pre-set for optimum use at the factory.
This is an ideal pressure setting both for Co2 and Nitrogen. However you may wish to adjust the regulator to a setting of your choice.
II) To adjust the pressure you must first completely depressurize the regulator. First remove the Co2 tank or high pressure air tank. Air is trapped in the regulator. Dry fire your marker between 5-7 times to release all air out of the regulator.
III) Remove the hex nut from the regulator. Insert a pressure gauge.
IV) Unscrew the bottom cover. Then using a coin or a screwdriver, carefully turn the screw counter-clockwise until it easily will turn by hand. Turn slowly a couple of more turns, but be careful not to unscrew completely.
V) Keeping the regulator turned away from your body or anyone else, insert the Co2 or compressed air tank. The gauge should read 0 (zero).
VI) To reset the air pressure on the regulator, slowly turn the screw clockwise, watching the gauge at all times. Continue adjustment until desired pressure is achieved.

WARNING- do not set pressure above 950 psi
Note from DarkeWolf- the normal operating pressure of a TES is between 300 and 500 psi. they are medium-low pressure guns. Even tho the manual says 950, its possible that keeping your pressure up to 600-800 can damage the internals of your marker.

VII) Replace the bottom cap. You may leave the gauge in place or take out and replace with the hex nut.
NOTE: |f you accidentally set the pressure too high, you must start from the beginning to re-adjust the pressure.
Caution: If you accidentally unscrew the adjustment screw completely, interior components of the regulator may fall out. You should take the regulator to an authorized technician for replacement of the parts. Be sure interior parts are replaced in order, according to the diagram on the schematic.

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