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T.E.S. Velocity Adjustments

All velocity adjustments are to be changed through the input pressure of the gun.
To increase the velocity, turn the input pressure up by turning the allen head screw in the fore-grip counter clockwise. To decrease the velocity, turn the allen head set screw in the fore-grip counter clockwise.
Note from DW- for some reason, Dragun got this backwards when they typed up the manual. It should be clockwise to increase velocity, counter-clockwise to decrease velocity.

Trouble Shooting

Problem Possible Cause Remedy
Gas leaking down barrel Cup Seal/Valve 0- ring Replace the cup seal/valve 0-ring
Gas leaking out of fore-grip Fore-grip 0- ring Replace fore-grip 0-ring
Marker will not fire Not cocked Cock marker
Out of air Refill tank
Tank not fully screwed in Screw in tank
Broken paintball shell Remove The bolt and clean
Dead battery Replace battery
Marker fires erratically Weak battery Use only premium batteries as suggested by manufacturer
Sear out of adjustment Adjust sear as stated in manual
Low air pressure Refill tank
Striker 0-ring Replace striker 0-ring
Low Velocity Weak main spring Replace with heavier main spring
Shortened or cut main spring Replace main spring
High Velocity Main spring too stiff and/or long Replace with lighter main spring

General Reminder

Your Paintball marker is not a toy. It should be used only by adults or under proper adult supervision. Respect other people and do not use this marker to destroy or damage other peoples' property. When using your marker, obey all local, state and federal laws. When entering a field, become aware of all rules and regulations.
Before taking the Paintball marker on holidays or transporting it through public areas, such as airports, or bus and train stations, call ahead for regulatory information regarding the carrying and transportation of such item.
Note from DW- HPA tanks canNOT be taken thru an airport (dunno about train stations) due to federal regulations. If you plan on taking your HPA/Nitrogen/Compressed air with you on a trip, mail it on ahead of you by USPS, or UPS, or Fed-Ex.

this is a thumbnail of the schematic that I've got uploaded to the net. If you click it, it will take you to my uploaded, full-sized picture of it.
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