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I bought a stock b2k early last year with the idea of customizing it and things just never worked out as i wanted. Money was spent on other necessary things like a new car and old student loans. Now its time to sell it as I need some more cash. Here are some things that are up for sale now as I come across more I will add it to this list.


1 - Custom Milled B2K body, ICD Threaded no PDS, never been used since milling - $60 Shipped OBO
2 - MAC Ram, Anti-Chop Ram. I used to run this ram on my GS and l loved it - Sold
3 - 03 Trigger Frame, it has a magnetic trigger mod done to it, as well as, the punch pins have been replaced with screws so the trigger can be taken out easily, has some minor scratches - $50 shipped OBO
4 - SCM II - Has seen very little use - Sold
5 - B2K Solenoid - Brand new never used still in package from vaporworks - $60 shipped OBO
6 - S-4 Bearing Trigger for BKO/B2K - Brand new never used still in package - Pending OBO
7 - B2K Screw Set - $3 shipped OBO
8 - Z-4 Bolt, lightly sanded for a better fit on my custom milled - Pending
9 - Trix Trigger Frame, nothing was done to this frame, had plans never got around to it - $60 shipped OBO

Not pictured:
Vapor Valve - Pending
MacDev B2K LPR Guage Tool - Pending

you can pm me here or reply to the post i will check a couple times a day work load permitting.

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