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My Strange Ion Body Kit

Just got a Strange Ion Body yesterday at the PSP Chicago Open.

- It does make the marker a little heavier. But not enough for me to concern myself with.

- The rear chamber and bolt ARE removable from the back. It uses your existing rear chamber but with a new rear donut.

- It's NOT field stripable. You need to loosen (but not remove) the front two frame screws. Then remove the rear screw.

- You might want to wait for the SP Banjo QEV if you have one. The aluminum is very thick. I managed to get my QEV on using a CRAZY amount of teflon tape ... basicly made a giant teflon oring. My QEV fit perfect with no cutting on the stock body

The end result:

- It makes Bolt greasing maintenance about as easy as an Automag.

- It looks nice IMHO.

I'm off to the chicago open again, otherwise I'd do a full review. Feel free to post or link these on PBN / PBR ect till I can writeup a full review.
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