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Contour milled body
Polished Bore
Zenitram 15 degree ASA
Zenitram high flow valve
Zenitram bolt
Zenitram 45 Grip
Dye sticky grips
Micro Rock reg. with custom hoseless adapter
TechPro Board (like Chaos)
Larger high pressure chamber
PDS Standard
Autococker Threads
2003 Gladiator
Freestyle ASA

Zenitram went and took every possible up for a bushy and stuck it in this gun...then gave it unique, smooth milling and gloss anno'd it dead secksy black. Think this is just another upped bushy? Hell no, Zenitram even went and expanded all the air passageways. Forget the B2K5...get my Venom.

The anno is great, my camera just picks up the dust, first pick is jacked from someone with a decent camera and has the 04 Glad which has been replaced with the 03.

$475 shipped PAYPAL/MO
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