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What is the best pump?

It is very much a matter of preference, but it's hard to go wrong with a Phantom, Sniper II, or Sterling. If someone asks this question one more time, I'm going to be sick. In a lower price range, any of the nelson clones should be fine i.e. Maverick/Tracer/Hornet, Diablo. SL-68II's and the Sheridans are also nice. It's hard to go wrong with any pump that isn't made out of plastic (no offense to the NSG Splatmaster).

As far as price range goes, I would say the biggest division is at around $200. Phantoms sneak in just below that for basic models, but in the $200-$300 range, you're looking at Phantoms, Snipers, Sterlings and Illusions. The $100-$200 range includes some of these guns in used condition, as well as SL-68II's new. In the $50-$100 range fall the Maverick/Tracer/Hornet, Kingman Hammer, used SL-68II, PGP, etc. Below $50, it's either plastic or it's a used $50-$100 pump.

Why do pumps shoot so much further and more accurately than semis?

They don't, now never ask that again.

Which pump shoots furthest?

See above. However, some people might have difficulty aiming a shorter barreled pump pistol, in which case, they might get the impression that the gun doesn't shoot as far as another one.

What paint fits the phantom best?

I find that marballizer agrees very well with the CCI Nickel plated barrel. Marballizer and PMI both fit the nickel, actually, and also the stock barrel. The nickel is only slightly smaller than the stock. Big Ball also fits nicely, if your local store has it (mine doesn't).

Where can I buy a stock class harness? This store is run by good people and offers a good range of items. has stock class harnesses made by Ronin. The new link may be This guy makes good stuff, from what I've heard.

What barrel threads do Mavericks have, and where can I buy barrels for them?

Mavericks, Tracers and Hornets all take Tracer/Maverick threaded barrels. It is a unique thread. Smart Parts, Armson, and BOA definitely make barrels for them. Just go to their websites and you can order direct. Now stop posting this darn question in the Pump Trader's Forum, and even in the Pump/Stock forum, for that matter.

Where can I get an Armson pump?

They are pretty difficult to find. I believe they are no longer in production.

I'll post links to the websites I mentioned when I get a chance, but you could always search yourself on Google.

Where can I get an Illusion?

Where can I get a Sterling?

For Sterling information, check out here:
p8nt = peightnt
How the heck do you get "paint" out of that mess?

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