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Originally posted by JimboDrofxo
One of yall need to tell how to make your phantom more effiect.
There isnt really much you can do. When you get the Phantom stock, it is a very efficient gun. I can get upwards of 50 shots off of one 12gram, with fps set at about 250 with a stock class Phantom (back bottle set up)

But there are a couple things that you could do. A good paint to barrel match with increase your shot count a little. Also, a bobbed valve will get you a few more shots. Also, getting a spring kit with the right combo can get a few more shots, although many people still use the stock springs even after they get the spring kit. But one thing that will increase your efficiency alot would be a Drop Out valve. I have heard of people getting 80 shots off of one 12gram with a dropout Valve. I know that I am going to buy one...once I have money again.
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