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I have a hard time with the term Sniper in the context of paintball. To me a sniper is a one shot to kill from a longer than average distance using stealth (chilie suit or other camo, slow movement) tatics to avoid detection. Is this a perfect definition? No. This is just my opinion. Sure that would be great to be able to shoot so far away that the person being shot at can not hear or see you, but I have not seen that happen in woods/scenario play.

I think other terms such as Stealth and Ambush might be what we are really talking about when we apply the word 'sniper' to a style of play. This is in contrast to the recball or speedball guys that like to move quick and throw mass paint. Just a different style of play.

I dress in digi camo and use a c98/flatline and 50 round camo painted hopper. One new guy called me a sniper and It was all I could do to keep from laughing at him. I do move slowly, use cover and fire shots only when I think I have a good chance of actually hitting the target. That is just my style of play. I love working with one other player and get flanking positions undetected.

So I think that SOME tatics that snipers use are helpfull in some gameplay, but the Hollywood 'sniper' is not in paintball in my opinion.

Most important is having fun however you play.

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