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Originally posted by rakim
Someone probably mentioned it but you're a idiot for comparing the AK47 and the SVD. They're both russian made guns, and that's were the similarities end. They don't use the same cartridge, they don't even have the same mechanism. Read up before dropping a ******* line like that in the future.
I think your wrong.
Based on the Kalashnikov rifle family (AK-47 and variants), the design for the Dragunov was requested in 1958 and delivered in 1963 by Evgeniy Fedorovich Dragunov (Russian: Евгений Федорович Драгунов). It fires a cartridge dating back to 1891 - 7.62 x 54R Russian "rimmed" cartridge from the early Mosin-Nagant bolt action design - with the semi-automatic gas actuated design of the AK-47. The weapon was commissioned in order to extend the range of a typical Soviet infantry platoon, and was required to be cheap, rugged and effective at its intended job. Long after the demise of Russia's command economy, it remains in production, testament to its success.
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