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Sniping in the military is a deadly buisness. A 2 man, sniper/spotter team is deployed most commonly to gather intellegence and occasionaly take out a target.

In paintball, the idea of the sniper is to distrupt and hold back the OP4 (opposition force).

During a game, if a single ball whizzes by your head, do you know where it came from? no of course not. But i garentee that your head will be down from that point on.

No matter what people tell you, ghuille suits work! After i veg out the suit to match the terrain, i become invisible to the human eye from 25+feet. Any closer and they might just trip over me.

Quiet equipment is deffinately a virtue.

Stealth is the biggest key. If you cannot get within range of your target undetected, you're a dead man. Quiet movement is key. Shoot and scoot.

Its not the gun that makes the sniper in paintball, its the tactics and strategies he uses.

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