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Here's mine. New to this forum...

Tippman 98
Psycho Ballistic Em-98 Kit with LP Valve internals
Custom Milled SS valve body (Very High Flow!)
Custom magnetic trigger mod
Warp Feed (with 2 9v bat mod, on/off switch and wired into board to spin with every shot regardless of mode)
Palmer Stabilizer
Tippmann LP Chamber and vert adapter
KAPP DZ II W/ NW Paintball QD Block
Lapco Direct Feed
Lapco raised sight rail and BSA 30mm red dot (For woods ball only)
Lapco Aluminum Bigshot Barrel
BOA Eight Inch Snakebit barrel .686 (In Pic)
Tippmann Flatline Barrel

I run at 250psi with the dwell on lowest setting. Gets about 1200 shots from my 68/4500 Nitroduck Pre-set. The pneumatics for the bolt and hammer are set to about 60psi.

I think that's it....
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